Silent Servant

Tusk Festival Sage Gateshead 2016

Los Angeles producer Juan Mendez grew up with a love of English 80s indie music, his DJing explorations leading him toward the more beat-driven electronic world and his involvement with Birmingham’s revered Sandwell District label.

Silent Servant vinyl started emerging in 2006, a seam of darkness (and a very evident love of John Carpenter) running through his very particular take on techno that made Dominick ‘Prurient’ Fernow’s Hospital Productions the natural home for his first album (alongside the countless 12”s) Negative Fascination.

Mendez’s productions are irresistible and it’s a perfectly formed album, painfully brief though it is. His live AV set at TUSK will be all-encompassing; chilling yet blissful, oppressive yet irresistible.